Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Vintage Earrings!!

I am slightly obsessed with vintage jewelery.  I was absolutely tickled when I found this video!

Monday, January 14, 2013

I hate Mondays.....

There is always so much to do Monday mornings after it seems like an always busy weekend now days.  Mondays usually start with me being in a funk.  My mother is in hospice dying of brain cancer.  Every Sunday I go down to her house and fix dinner and clean up the house.  I love my mother dearly and I love seeing her but also watching the slow decline in health has taken a toll on me.  I still feel the effects every Monday morning when I wake up.  Couple this with usual influx of work with what always seems to be mixed with work computer issues and by about 11am I just want to crawl back into bed again.  I need to find a way to start my week off on a better foot. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Today I have to go see an optometrist.  Apparently as you age you also go blind.  I am sure that staring at a computer screen for the last 20 years has not helped the matter at all.  I am completely dreading this appointment because I know they will want to dilate my eyes which really makes me blind.  Promptly after doing so they will ask me if I want to look at frames that will be all fuzzy to me making it impossible to read the price tag.  I am bound and determined not to get sucked into that today.  I am just going to get me prescription and go back in over the weekend and pick up frames when I can see again.

I have started working on my Valentines Box for Golden Egg Vintages Swap and I am having so much fun!  I had to order some trims to do the edges of the box with so I am patiently waiting for those to come in the mail. 
I have also started digging through my supplies for cute little things to fill the box with.  I really hope I can make this special and that my partner will love it.

XOXO  Krista

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Let's Try This Again......

I have tried blogging a few times in the past however my initial steam starts to trickle away rather quickly and then I end up with a blog that hasn't been touched in a few years.  A few of my goals for the new year are to get inspired again and get creative.  I have a room that is chocked full of crafting supplies of the new variety and vintage.  However, every time I step into that room I get completely overwhelmed and close the door.  I think I need to start with a really good organization session in there so I don't freak out every time I open the door.  I guess my first simple goal is to go buy a few containers to sort and store things in. 

I have fired up my creativity a little bit by signing up for a Valentine's Box Swap over on Golden Egg Vintage.  I am very excited about this project.  I adore vintage valentines and this will allow me to use a bunch of great images I have been gathering for a long time.  Here are a couple favs....

Updating to add an ATC I made for a swap today using the matchbook image.  I used some scrapbooking paper, mini pom pom trim, red doily and added stickles glitter glue to the valentine image.  I printed the image and matted it on white paper and used pop dots to make it stand out.  It turned out kind of cute for a quickie.

XOXO  Krista